SCAPA Board Election results

SCAPA Board Election results
by Paul Marshall

SCAPA Members:

Thank you to everyone who voted at our member meeting last Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2021, as well as via online electionsbuddy voting. This was our most complicated vote in the history of SCAPA, with 9 votes cast in person at Tuesday’s meeting, 5 votes cast in person on the Zoom portion of Tuesday’s meeting, another 28 people casting their vote after the meeting via where we experimented with this online voting format for the princely sum of $19.00. One person voted by email proxy. 38 eligible (current 2021 dues paid) people did not vote. Our apologies to the people who voted on Zoom, as we could not figure out how to offer them a confidential vote. Overall, SCAPA Members provided overwhelming support for the slate of volunteers of Dr. Joe McMurray, Niki Britton, Books Evans, Pat Belanger and me (Paul Marshall). Thank you for your support. There was one write-in vote for Mark van Wyk, but he notified us he declines to serve. A tremendous thanks to the outgoing board of directors, each of whom has put in much time and effort on behalf of our SCAPA members, and especially Mark van Wyk, who has served in the triple job function of Treasurer, Membership VP, and Secretary for several years. And many thanks to the incoming board members who have volunteered to serve us all in the coming year, two of whom (Joe and Niki) were responsible for bringing the Food Truck Fly In to San Martin Airport.

The new board takes over Jan 1, 2022 and is presently getting ready for the coming year.

Best regards,

Paul Marshall
Outgoing SCAPA President

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