Time to Renew your 2022 SCAPA Membership!

Dear South County Airport Pilots Association member:
It’s been quite a year for SCAPA, but our non-profit organization has started coming back to life after the COVID shutdowns.
We held numerous informative Zoom member meetings, including:”Skydiving at San Martin Airport,” “Swift Unleaded Avgas/CEO Chris D’Acosta,” “Winter Weather and Icing with Ron Zasadzinski,” “Live from SUN ’n FUN,” “Insider’s Guide to Instrument Departures Procedures,” “Back Country Flying: Challenges & Tips,” and “Simulators at Home and at E16: Keeping Current and Proficient.”
As things began to open up, we started meeting in person, including the “E16 TOWN HALL AND BBQ” in October.
In May, our organization proudly awarded two $1,250 scholarships to two deserving aviation students: Rahmatullah Yousafzai and Athena Chang.
The SCAPA Disaster Airlift Response Team (DART) has been very active as part of the CalDART network, and participated in several airlifts of donated personal protective equipment such as masks and face shields.
Our website: www.southcountypilots.org has been revived, thanks to the efforts of incoming SCAPA Secretary Brooks Evans. Check it out.
Which brings me to the point of this note. It’s time to renew our SCAPA memberships for 2022. Do it now, save us a stamp, and we won’t need to send you an invoice through the mail.
The easiest way to renew your membership is to go to our website:
Scroll down to the bottom, and click the Donate button.
You can also send a check to SCAPA: P.O. Box 1440, San Martin, CA 95046.
We all look forward to our new SCAPA Board of Directors as they take the helm in 2022 and lead us into the future.
Mark van Wyk
2021 Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Co-Chair

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